A global array of telescopes, including APEX for the first time, reveals the finest details so far in Sgr A* in a newly published study

May 26, 2018
Two simple models for Sgr A* emission.
Two simple models for Sgr A* emission based on EHT data obtained in 2013. Credit: R.- S. Lu et al. (2018)

Results based on data obtained with the 4-station Event Horizon Telescope back in 2013 were published in a peer-reviewed journal, showing tantalizing, but not yet conclusive, structure in Sgr A* on the scale of about 3 Schwarzschild radii of the black hole. This was the first time that the APEX telescope joined the EHT array as the first mm-wave Very Long Baseline Array (VLBI) station in the southern hemisphere. Read more about the new findings in this press release from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astrononomy.

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