Awards to the EHT

Award Title Granting Body Announcement
2021 Group Award (A) Royal Astronomical Society 8 Jan 2021, announcement
Nelson P. Jackson Aerospace Award National Space Club and Foundation (USA) 12 Mar 2020, announcement
AAS Bruno Rossi Prize 2020 American Astronomical Society (AAS; USA) 28 Jan 2020, press release
Einstein Medal 2020 Albert Einstein Society (Switzerland) 27 Dec 2019, announcement
Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award 2019 (Physical Sciences) Smithsonian Institution (USA) 19 Nov 2019, article

2020 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics

Breakthrough Foundation (USA) 03 Nov 2019, press release, ceremony
NSF Diamond Achievement Award National Science Foundation (NSF; USA) 09 May 2019, press release
Media Award Outlet
2019 Breakthrough of the Year Science Magazine
Top Science Story of 2019 Science News
#1 Science Image of the Year 2019 Nature Magazine
#2 Breakthrough of the Year 2019 Physics World
One of the Top Science Stories of 2019 Scientific American
#1 in 16 Scientific Moments that Defined 2019 Popular Mechanics
#1 in 15 Best Space Images of 2019 Forbes
Among Most Mind-boggling Scientific Discoveries of 2019 Business Insider
Among 15 Most Awe-inspiring Space Images of the Decade Vox
#1 in Top Space Stories of 2019 Fox News
#1 in Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs of 2019 The Week
Among 19 Good Things that Happened in 2019 Washington Post