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American Astronomical Society EHT Session: 
New Views of Extragalactic Supermassive Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope

Date and Place:
2-3:30pm MT Wednesday, Jan 12, 2021 at Meeting room 155D of Salt Palace Convention Center
AAS Meeting 239

Two years ago, the first-ever images of a black hole were captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration, an international team of over 300 scientists. These images show a bright ring of lensed photons enclosing a dark shadow cast by the 6.5 billion solar mass supermassive black hole M87*, which lies at the center of the galaxy M87 in the nearby Virgo cluster of galaxies. The first horizon-scale images of a black hole have already provided unprecedented tests of Einstein's general relativity and alternative gravitational theories.

More recently in 2021, the EHT Collaboration revealed the first images of polarized light from M87*, imprinting the magnetism at the edge of the black hole horizon. Simultaneous with these remarkable EHT horizon-scale images, nineteen observatories spanning wavelengths from radio to TeV gamma-rays have provided a rich multiwavelength view of M87* and its spectacular jet, probing tremendous spatial scales spanning from the event horizon to millions of Schwarzschild radii.

In addition to M87*, the EHT Collaboration has resolved the jet base of the famous nearby galaxy Centaurus A, a candidate horizon-scale target for next generation EHT arrays. The highest-angular-resolution view of the jet base demonstrated the critical role of the EHT to understand the accretion and jet system in nearby supermassive black holes.

We will host a special session at the 239th Meeting of the AAS focused on these new views of nearby extragalactic supermassive black holes with the EHT. The EHT Collaboration includes more than 300 members from 66 institutions in 21 countries. We have assembled a Scientific Organizing Committee to invite a selection of speakers who represent the geographic and gender diversity of this collaboration, with a priority of featuring junior members of the collaboration. The session will feature invited talks on key elements of these new results, as outlined below.

- Polarization of the photon ring of M87*
  (Jongho Park, Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics)

- Magnetic field structure near the event horizon of M87*
  (Alejandra Jiménez Rosales, Radboud University)

- Multi-wavelength views of M87* from radio to very high energy gamma-rays
  (Mislav Baloković, Yale University)

- Multi-year evolution of horizon-scale emission from M87*
  (Maciek Wielgus,
Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)

- Tests of general relativity and alternative gravity theory with EHT M87* results
  (Lia Medeiros, Institute for Advanced Study)

- New highest-angular-resolution view of the jet base in Centaurus A
  (Michael Janssen,
Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)

We will solicit poster contributions on various work related to EHT observations of supermassive black holes (M87*, Sgr A*, and other AGN) and also non-SMBH sources.

This session has excellent synergy with another EHT-related special session that will present the science case and future plans for horizon-scale imaging with the Next-Generation EHT (ngEHT). This is an extraordinary moment for black hole imaging and we hope that the January 2022 AAS meeting in Utah will offer us an opportunity to showcase this series of new SMBH results and to help us engage a broad range of AAS community members to build a platform for future discovery.
EHT Speakers Bureau <>:
- Kazu Akiyama (co-chair)
- Raquel Fraga-Encinas
- Daryl Haggard (co-chair)
- Jae-Young Kim
- Hung-Yi Pu



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