Can we tell Einsteinian black holes apart from non-Einsteinian? -- New insights from Goethe University Frankfurt supercomputer simulations

April 18, 2018
Comparison of simulated Einsteinian and dilaton black hole images.
Comparison of simulated Einsteinian and dilaton black holes accreting hot gas. Credit: Y. Mizuno et al. / Goethe University Frankfurt
Theoretical astrophysicists at Goethe University Frankfurt, and members of the EHT collaboration, shed new light on this question by computing simulated images of hot gas feeding non-Einsteinian black holes. While at present it is hard to tell apart a "dilaton" black hole from a standard Einsteinian one, it may be possible with future observations employing the extended and improved EHT array. Read the original story released by the Goethe University Frankfurt, and find some interesting interactive graphics on the BlackHoleCam website.
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