Will the EHT take razor-sharp images of the event horizon?

Obtaining sharp images of the black hole event horizon is very challenging and the EHT will do its best to produce the sharpest images ever obtained. The quality of the images depends on the arrangement of the telescope array, weather conditions at the telescope sites, as well as blurring of images as the light travels from the black hole toward the Earth. Theoretical simulations, some of which you can find in our simulations gallery, are typically made to look sharper than a real image.

Speaking of razor-sharp, here is an interesting calculation. A razor blade edge is typically 400 nanometers wide -- less than a millionth of a meter, or roughly one sixty-thousandth of an inch. Held at arms length, the angular size of a razor blade edge is approximately half a second of arc. The resolution of the EHT is more than a million times better than that! To get a rough idea of how much better that is, imagine counting individual dimples on a golf ball in Los Angeles... from New York.