Do you have a black hole image yet? When will real images become available?

The images will become available once the EHT collaboration is confident that the data is fully calibrated and that all procedures have been robustly tested. With the data collected in April 2017, the exciting task of processing and analyzing these data is underway within a number of focused working groups. EHT members are actively working on understanding instrumental effects and formatting the output for imaging and science analyses that will look for the black hole "silhouette". Each of these working groups is vitally important for ultimately reaching the EHT science goals. Before the results are publicly announced, they will be reviewed and further vetted by scientists who are not members of the EHT collaboration, as a part of the standard process of peer-review required for any scientific publication.

In the meantime, please follow updates by the EHT in the social media (our Facebook page and Twitter feed), and check our blog for the most up-to-date status.