Imaging Reanalyses of EHT Data

The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHTC) welcomes critical, independent analysis and interpretation of our published results. We publish detailed descriptions of our methods as well as raw data, data products, and analysis scripts to facilitate transparency, rigor, and reproducibility.  

The EHT images of M87 are among the most vetted interferometric images ever published (1,2). Four independent analyses (3,4,5,6) have reconstructed the ring-like structure of M87, employing a diverse set of techniques.  These efforts complement the three imaging and two modeling techniques in the 2019 EHTC papers presenting the first M87 results.  Furthermore, the EHTC and its members have published two additional papers, employing newly developed and independent techniques, that confirm the original results (7,8).  As an ensemble, these multiple independent techniques and efforts are robust against algorithmic bias, parameter selection, or human bias.

Our team has determined that a new re-analysis (9) is based on a flawed understanding of EHTC data and its methods, leading to erroneous conclusions.  Ring-like structures are unambiguously recovered under a broad range of imaging assumptions, including field of view.  Additionally, large-scale jet structures are unconstrained by this high-resolution data.  

We encourage the community to continue to engage with the published EHT data and critically assess the EHT results.The EHT looks forward to revealing new images of M87 and Sgr A* from already existing observing campaigns, and will continue to share data for independent analyses.

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